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Access & Cultural Safety

A youth theatre company for everyone.

“As a woman and member of the LGBTQIA + community, I have felt very included, and motivated to connect to WAYTCo as a safe space to explore my practice and meet other artists.”

– WAYTCo Member who self-identifies as living with mental illness

Safeguarding Youth

WAYTCo is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the young people it serves. In 2019 the company developed and implemented a Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy. This policy and associated procedures are reviewed annually. You can read/download a copy by clicking on the embedded link.

Access & Inclusion

We seek to make our studio, theatre productions and programs as accessible and inclusive as possible. Should you, or someone you know, anticipate access or inclusion needs, please let us know so that we can make sure you (or someone you know) feels welcome and supported.

Cultural Safety

WAYTCo personnel try to be conscious of differing lived experience, and of the fact that young people are very much in the throes of identify formation – still working out the kind of adults they want to be. We are always open to learning from you about how best to support you to develop your arts practice and get the most out of WAYTCo’s programs. We encourage you to provide us with guidance, should matters of cultural safety come into play.

In its effort to make its services more inclusive and cross-culturally welcoming, WAYTCo is:

  • Committed to redesigning its systems and processes with attention to removing barriers to program access – for example, by offering different modalities for program application and providing multiple entry points;
  • Open to working with you to accommodate or secure any supports you may need to participate in programs or productions. These may be supports that you require temporarily, for example, as you get to know WAYTCo and find your place, or on-goingly;
  • On an ongoing learning journey centred on encouraging awareness of unconscious bias – of how our own cultural values, knowledge, skills and attitudes are formed and affect others – and learning from its diverse membership about other ways of doing and being.

Please contact us should you require our assistance with securing tailored supports and remember that support workers and cultural safety representatives are always welcome!


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