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ARCO Classroom

The award-winning and heart-warming show about life with autism is now available as a school incursion. Suitable for primary and secondary groups and available in 2024.

“A beautifully constructed, personal perspective of life on the autism spectrum that leaves… a rare feeling of connection to the protagonist.”

– Lydia Edwards, Seesaw

Young performer covers ears to block out the noise, animated fish character in background

What is ARCO about?

ARCO is self-described Autistic Gentleman Adam Kelly’s award-winning show about just that. Living with autism. Or in Finbar the fish’s case, living in water. Adam is an Autistic Gentleman. Finbar is a fish. Adam and Finbar think that asking someone what it feels like to live with autism is pretty much like asking a fish if it knows it’s in water, which is pretty funny if you think about it.  

Featuring the whimsical animations of neurodiverse artist Ben Hollingsworth, ARCO takes a heartfelt look at the life and struggles of someone trying to make connections with the people and world around them. Along the way the protagonist asks gently of his audience to consider life from his perspective and encourages them to take a moment to get things off their chest.

A compelling personal story of yearning and optimism, WAYTCo is proud to present ARCO in Schools, sharing the message that we are acceptable in our entirety; just the way we are.

Written by Adam Kelly and James Berlyn. Directed by James Berlyn. Performed by Adam Kelly. Animated by Ben Hollingsworth with Arts Mentorship by Joanna Keyser. Sound design: Tristen Parr. Lighting design: Pete Young. Dramaturgy (ARCO Jnr): Alex Desebrock.

How does it work in schools?

ARCO is ready for presentation in Perth Metropolitan-based schools with a performing arts centre, or theatre. In 2024, we are developing a new ‘Classroom Version’ of the show, so that schools without fully equipped venues can access world class theatre, too!

ARCO Theatre is for schools with a theatre space that can be blacked out and with a simple lighting rig and sound system. We can provide a lighting desk, if required. For audiences over 80 people, a radio mic is advisable.

ARCO Classroom is, as the name suggests, for the classroom! It is low-fi; no tech required, although the ability to use a classroom smart screen would be “awesome sauce!”. Ideally for single class audiences of up to 32 students.

Screen/projection requirements to be negotiated venue-to-venue.

Show Details

ARCO Jnr: 35 mins + 15min Q&A
For children aged 7+                           Themes of rejection

ARCO Snr: 45 mins + 15min Q&A
For audience members aged 13+ Mild adult language/ themes

Versions & Cost

ARCO Theatre, 3-4 performances:  $4,100 + GST

ARCO Classroom, 3-4 performances:  $3,000 + GST

One Day of ARCO Classroom, 2 performances: $1,600 + GST

Now what?

Invite us to visit your school! Confirmation of ARCO bookings requires the availability of the star of the show, Adam Kelly, and a WAYTCo Stage Manager. If you are interested in having ARCO to your school, identify some date options and get in touch ASAP so that we can secure the team.

Finbar and Adam will dance, draw, fly and joke their way into your hearts! 

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