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A Place To Fit In & Stand Out

Our company is nationally recognised for providing high quality professional experiences that develop skills for theatre, employment and for life. We are committed to creating opportunities for our members both locally and in our regional communities and strive to provide a space of inclusion, creativity and artistic excellence that enriches the lives of young people.

What We Offer


Our premier offering, ensembles provide community & year-long development for young & emerging artists.

Specialist Programs

Professional masterclass-style offerings for secondary students, including monologue work and devising.

Three youth performers, including one indigenous male, left arm angled up toward the ceiling, rehearsing for a performance

Drama Incursions

Theatre programs for students in low-ICSEA schools, fully funded by Healthway - Act Belong Commit!

Coming Up

General Auditions

A welcoming workshop-style audition and the gateway to WAYTCo's premier programs: 20-26 Feb 2023.

Invest In Us

Help get Adam Kelly's world-view-changing ARCO to the UK: Donate today and double your impact!


Develop your own work under the tutelage of leading WA playwrights and dramaturgs.

Seven Sisters

We are made of star stuff whether we like it or not. Don't miss out!

We're a Community and...

WAYTCo is a membership-based company and, ultimately, a community. Find out about the exclusive opportunities that come with membership.

a Not-for-Profit.

Help nurture WA creativity, talent, and the voices of the future.

COVID vaxx status: Are you up-to-date?

Help keep WA safe: ensure you are up-to-date before attending our events. WAYTCo's COVID-19 Policy requires all workers aged 16 & above to be vaxxed.

Young Vietnamese-Australian woman in electronic wheelchair holds Roll Up for WA sign, smiling