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Our Alumni

WAYTCo has supported the development of WA talent for nearly 40 years. Our alumni secure outstanding national/ international film and theatre roles, and forge remarkable careers.

Boasting an esteemed alumni (Tim Minchin, Claire Hooper, Will O’Mahony, Katherine Langford and many many more), and putting access for diverse youth front-and-centre, the Company is the real deal: a high performance AND inclusive training ground for future leaders and creatives.

WAYTCo offers clear professional pathways for its members, successfully training and promoting young performers, performance makers and crew for the national and world stage, and for life.

Artists who have launched their professional careers through WAYTCo include:

Examples of Alumni who have secured significant national and international film and theatre roles:

  • Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why)
  • Daisy Coyle (Black Swan Theatre Company’s Lighthouse Girl)
  • Kelly Paterniti (Cops, Sucker Punch)
  • Megan Holloway (a Belvoir Theatre Company regular)
  • Amanda Woodhams (Black Swan Theatre Company productions and Cloudstreet for TV)
  • Liam Graham (The Legend of Gavin Tanner, Greenfield and Psoriasis)

Past members have progressed from key experiences in our theatre productions and programs to careers as directors, actors, writers, designers and arts managers. Many others have used the confidence, creativity and capability honed at WAYTCo to secure work as independent theatre artists, or train further, as the handpicked students of the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), National Institute for Dramatic Art (NIDA), or at elite vocational schools like The Strasburg Institute and Atlantic in the United States.

We are currently seeking to reconnect with our alumni. If you have been a member of WAYTCo, or know someone who was, please email Leah at