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Theatre skills, industry pathways and lifelong friendship; these are a few of the benefits of WAYTCo Ensembles. An entry by audition offering prized by both young and emerging WA artists.

Highly sought after, premier training

Curated and led by the Artistic Director, with contributions from leading industry artists, this year-long program takes participants through the foundations of theatre and contemporary performance making. For those who have acquired some of the performance toolkit already, the program reinforces and extends.

Running Sundays from late March and culminating in a December invited-guest showcase, Ensemble provides members with an extensive training program of weekly engagements and masterclasses. Also, when casting and crewing opportunities arise at WAYTCo, current ensembles are our first port of call!

Intake is split into three groups:

  • Beginners (11-14 y.o.), 1.5hr-long workshops
  • Juniors (15-17 y.o.), 2hr-long workshops
  • Seniors (18-26 y.o.), 3hr-long workshops

Annual fees applicable: $500 (Begnrs), $650 (Jnrs), $850 (Snrs).

We offer a quarterly payment plan and earlybird rates. Please read up about our scholarship program, here, if you think you may need financial assistance.

Entry by Audition

Our general auditions – the gateway to WAYTCo Ensembles – are slated for February 2024. Keep an eye on this page for updates and feel free to make an enquiry about other ways you can get involved with WAYTCo right now. Or check out our new offering called Ensemble Access Course (EAC).

We also collaborate annually with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company over the Ngalaka Daa Ensemble. Call Out for Ngalaka Daa occurs separately, in April. To receive all kinds of updates and call outs, sign up to WAYTCo’s quarterly newsletter:




A carefully curated training program of weekly workshops and masterclasses with a wide variety of professional artists. For members 15-17.



An extensive training program of weekly workshops and masterclasses with some of the state's most outstanding professional artists. For members 18-26.


Ngalaka Daa

Driven by the sharing of Noongar language and culture, this program is a series of workshops and rehearsals leading to a final curated performance.