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Ensemble Access Course

An exciting NEW course for diverse young people who want to hone their audition skills and learn what it takes to work as part of an ensemble. Entry by gentle process!

“Work on your craft, learn from people who have something to teach…”

– James Lafferty

Ensemble Access Course (EAC) is a 10-week preparatory course for diverse young people who want to audition successfully for WAYTCo Ensembles the following year and/or who wish to work toward some other creative goal, such as an opportunity to be a part of a WAYTCo production. The course differs from the ensemble program in that:

  • No need to audition;
  • Rolls out fortnightly in the second half of the year;
  • Delivered by WAYTCo in-house creatives;
  • It’s designed to enable rather than extend.
About the Course

‘EAC’ (not to be confused with ‘YAC’!) channels curiosity and enthusiasm about the performing arts and up-skills participants in the process.

Over the course of 10 weeks, participants develop skills to work with traditional/scripted monologues and/or to devise their own piece for presentation at an end-of-year showcase. By program conclusion, participants may expect to have developed both confidence and skill, which will serve them in their efforts to audition successfully for our premier ensemble program, or for other opportunities either within or beyond WAYTCo.

For information about eligibility and entry process, see here.

Course Details
Day & Time

Alternate Thursdays, commencing 3 August 2023, 5:30-7:30pm.


WAYTCo Studio, Level 1, King St Arts Centre


$220* – full course

*$110 required with place acceptance, then a second payment of $110 is required in October.

Course outline and EOI Form to follow.

EAC Outline

 # Dates Content Teaching Artist
27 July Confirmation of Acceptance N/A
1 3 August Introduction; Safe practice and ensemble activities Amelia Burke & Georgi Ivers
2 17 August Acting Basics 1 Asha Cluer & Georgi
3 31 August Acting Basics 2 Amelia & Georgi
4 14 September Monologues 1 Asha & Georgi
5 28 September Monologues 2 Amelia & Asha
6 12 October Scene Work Amelia & Asha
7 26 October Devising 1 Asha & Georgi
8 9 November Devising 2 Amelia & Asha
9 23 November Rehearsal Amelia & Asha
10 30 November Final Rehearsal  Amelia & Asha & Georgi
7 December Sharing Amelia & Asha & Georgi

Click on the embedded link for more information about WAYTCo’s 2024 General Auditions.