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Summer Stage

Side by side with some of WA's most exciting artists, ~40 youth members are taking part in creative developments across the Summer months. This is a hot new works incubator to watch!

In the lead up to launching the 2024 Program, WAYTCo’s new Artistic Director, Amelia Burke, is turning up the heat and bringing you Summer Stage.

This creative development program will see members work across three new projects. 37 young people, aged 13-26, have been cast for roles.

Work-in-Progress Showings of the three works below are happening across the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends of February. By invitation only.

Work 1 – A Response

Led by WAYTCo’s Artistic Director and taking question, “what does it mean to be a kind person in the world right now?” as its starting point, this project is being devised by a group of young people spanning 16-26.

Work 2 – The Shakespeare (a)Gender

Led by Humphrey Bower and Teresa Jakovich, a selection of scenes have been taken from some of Shakespeare’s most loved plays and explored through the lens of gender. This scene study will shed new light on the canonical texts of the Bard!

Work 3 – The Comprehensive A-Z of Missing Persons Australia

Written by Grace Chow and directed by Emily Mclean, this new play is a portrait of our nation in photographic negatives, where we capture and ask: who do we forget? Who do we remember? And why? A complex pastiche of love, loss, longing…and threat. This development will create a dialogue between these ambitious themes and a young cast.

Together, we are turning it up!