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Our Youth Advisors

The Youth Advisory Committee ensures the Board stays connected to its membership and the youth perspective. Consider your leadership potential today!

Youth Advisory Committee = YAC

WAYTCo wouldn’t be as relevant as it is without the contribution of Youth Advisors!

The 2024-25 Youth Advisors are:

  • Cezera Critti-Schnaars (Chairperson)
  • Kyla Clark (Deputy Chair)
  • Jesse Vakatini (Secretary)
  • Jono Battista (Ex-Officio)
  • Lucia Merriweather
  • Sophie Boswell
  • Indiana Gorrie
  • Emily Keys
  • Annalisa Cicchini

What does a WAYTCo Youth Advisor do?


  • Act as an ambassador for WAYTCo;
  • Help promote WAYTCo shows, events and opportunities;
  • Represent youth members by offering suggestions and feedback at Board Meetings and in arising planning contexts;
  • Work with others to plan and execute YAC-led initiatives for the benefit of the Company, incl. one campaign event per year;
  • Build and maintain a safe and positive community of emerging arts leaders.


  • Gain insight into the governance of an arts organisation;
  • Receive training in financial report reading;
  • Develop planning and advocacy skills;
  • Become practised in committee and working group process;
  • Where appropriate, serve as a member of the YAC executive.

The YAC actively contributes to the development of the organisation and works on a focal project each year. In 2024, the YAC will work on a second edition of the WAYTCo e-Zine. For more info about the role of WAYTCo’s Youth Advisors, refer to the Current YAC Guidelines.

Nominate for the YAC

The nomination period for the 2024-25 Youth Advisory Committee is now CLOSED. If you love WAYTCo and want to to take your commitment to the company to the next level, consider throwing your hat in the ring next year! YAC nominations open in late April.

YAC Chairperson

Cezera Critti-Schnaars

A proud Nyoongar-Greek theatre maker whose great work is sending ripples through the industry locally. Read Cezera's full bio

YAC Deputy Chair

Kyla Clark

A theatre enthusiast and student of the arts, Kyla is new to WAYTCo in 2024. She is excited to share her fresh perspective.

YAC Secretary

Jesse Vakatini

Jesse made his professional debut in BSSTC's MEDEA (2019). Since then, he has worked in a variety of roles on WAYTCo productions.