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Our Youth Advisors

The Youth Advisory Committee plays an active and vital role in company decision making, ensuring the Board stays connected to it's membership and the youth perspective.

Announcement: We have a new Youth Advisory Committee!

Members of the 2022-23 Committee are:

Jono Battista (Chair)*
Jesse Vakatini*
Adam Kelly*
Lily Baitup*
Lachlan Ives
Emily Keys
Nicola Kinnane
Lucia Merriweather
Sophie Boswell

* returning members.

The YAC is a vital governance structure for the company, ensuring the board stays in touch with the perspectives of diverse youth, whilst providing an opportunity for youth leadership. We couldn’t be as relevant as we are without the contribution of our Youth Advisors!

The YAC actively contributes to the development of the organisation. In 2020, the YAC worked on the company’s brand script, and contributed to the development of studio access walkthrough videos. In 2021-22, the YAC worked with filmmaker-on-staff, Georgia Ivers, and Graphic Designer, Shaun Salmon, to complement the November 2022 Got Your Back video campaign with the release of an inaugural WAYTCo e-Zine.

What does a Youth Advisory Committee member do?

Being on the YAC means you will:


  • Act as an ambassador for WAYTCo;
  • Help promote WAYTCo shows, events and opportunities;
  • Represent youth members by offering suggestions and feedback to the Company at Board Meetings and participating in strategic planning activities;
  • Work with others to plan and execute YAC-led initiatives for the benefit of the Company, incl. one campaign event per year;
  • Build and maintain a safe and positive community of emerging arts leaders.


  • Gain insight into the governance of an arts organisation;
  • Receive training in financial report reading;
  • Develop planning and advocacy skills;
  • Become practised in committee and working group process;
  • Where appropriate, serve as a member of the YAC executive.

For more info about the role of WAYTCo’s Youth Advisors, refer to the 2022_YAC Guidelines.

Want to be were the action is?

Keen to audition for a WAYTCo ensemble, or receive discount tickets to shows? Youth Membership is just 40 bucks!

Three youths hundle excitedly over an iphone