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At WATYCo, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for members and for all who come into contact with the Company. Issues may still arise, however, and if they persist, you do have the option to make a Complaint.

To raise a concern or lodge a complaint, we recommend you follow the below Complaint Reporting Procedure. This procedure is three-tiered and is designed to ensure that complaints get heard, are handled sensitively, and are effectively resolved.

Complaint Reporting Procedure

As a general rule, in-the-moment/ in situ resolution of an issue or concern is optimal. Sometimes, however, issues or concerns arise that are more complex. The size or complexity of a complaint should determine how far along our complaint reporting pathway you navigate.

To get started, think about the size of the concern and who is responsible for problem-solving in the particular context in which the concern has arisen (i.e. ask who is the ‘Responsible Adult’?).

Follow the Tier 1 step and if unresolved, move to Tier 2, and so on. If you have reason to bypass a tier, you can do so, remembering that it is good practice to try to resolve issues as and when they arise (i.e. start with Tier 1 if you can). Use common sense and go with what feels right to you:

TIER 1          Discuss the matter with the Responsible Adult and resolve in situ;

TIER 2          If unresolved, discuss the matter with a member of Senior Staff (the General Manager or the Artistic Director). A member of Senior Staff will assist you to resolve the matter fully;

TIER 3          If still unresolved, you may request that the matter be referred to the Chair of the Board.

Complaint Resolution Procedure

An initial reach out to make a complaint should receive a response from WAYTCo within 3 to 5 business days. Once a complaint has been canvassed, the resolution process may take anywhere between one to eight weeks, depending on the nature of the matter.

For a Tier 2 complaint, Senior Staff are obliged to ensure they have taken down some basic facts, including when, what, who and how you would like to see the matter resolved. Once this information has been gathered, staff will come back to you within 7 days to check that you are still happy with the agreed resolution and provide a timeline by which agreed actions will be taken.

For a Tier 3 complaint, a formal written report is required. There may be back-and-forth with you to check understanding of the facts, and further investigation as appropriate, before a mutually agreeable plan of action can be made and resolution achieved.

WAYTCo strives to make work and run programs and activities that ensure young people’s safety and demonstrate professionalism at all times. It is also a very human environment, and mistakes can be made. Do let us know if you are unhappy about something, so that we can listen, learn and make changes.

If you are a young person and you wish to voice your complaint to a peer, please feel free to request contact with either a WAYTCo Wellbeing Officer or the Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee. Also, if you feel you need to engage an advocate, family member or friend to support you in putting forward a concern or complaint, please do so – this can make you feel much more comfortable.

You can contact us to express a concern or make a complaint by these means:

(08) 9226 2144