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Ngalaka Daa 2021

Hear from WAYTCo's Ngalaka Daa Ensemble member Jayda Corunna about her experience working on Ngalaka Daa this year!

22.09.2021 Uncategorised

Driven by the sharing of Noongar language and culture the Ngalaka Daa Ensemble, a collaboration between WAYTCo and Yirra Yaakin theatre Company, will provide participants with the opportunity to receive intensive individual development in theatre making, performance and language skills at a professional level.

The Ngalaka Daa ensemble was one of the most amazing performances that I have been through, reflecting on my time in the ensemble. I have made some amazing friends and have grown my confidence and am proud to ensure the sustainability of one of the oldest languages on the planet, I feel a greater sense of connection and understanding of the community in which I live and feel honoured to have been a part of the ensemble.

Being apart of the ensemble you get a sense of comfort from the people around you, you’re performing with your friends and people that make you feel like you can be yourself.
The most recent ensemble was one to remember, performing in the Perth Boola Bardip Museum, underneath the blue whale skeleton it was a beautiful experience.

– Jayda Corunna