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What has your life been like so far and what is yet to come?

“Haunting immersive theatre with comforting, humorous, thought-provoking and confronting personal responses to a Shakespearean concept.”

– Nerida Dickinson, Artshub

‘All the world’s a stage,’ begins the famous Shakespeare speech from As You Like It, detailing the seven stages of a man’s life… Based on Jaques’ famous speech, this playful encounter asks you to consider your life journey through Shakespeare’s seven ages of man.

In YOURSEVEN, Berlyn develops the concept of seven stages of life in a playful encounter that takes individual audience members through a series of seven photo booths to interrogate the Elizabethan concepts – infant, student, lover, soldier, judge, elder and imminent death – and our own progress through life. Featuring a talented cast of bright young theatre makers and performers from WAYTCo, the work offers a refreshing perspective post Snapschat and Instagram exploring the private drama of you.

YOURSEVEN’s interactive experiences allow audience member participants to recreate and predict their own life, compiling a bespoke album of Polaroid photos along the way.

With Shakespeare and forgotten technology as your guides, YOURSEVEN is a touching and intimate flash-forward journey all about you.


Presented by WA Youth Theatre Company and PICA for FRINGE WORLD 2018

Concept & Direction: James Berlyn

Assistant Director: Grace Chow

Lighting Designer: Chris Donnelly

Set Construction: Chris Donnelly & Matt Bairstow

Scenic Design: Jane Barwell

Music Consultation: Chris Van Tuinen

Sound Editing: Late Night Shopping

Stage Manager: Tegan Sorenson

Cast: Adam Kelly, Ayouk Mading, Bethany Robinson, David Ratcliff, David Stewart, Elizabeth Joseph, Grace Chow, Isabel Seton-Brown , Kasia Kelly, Laura Pitts, Lily Baitup, Olivia Mitchell, Ollie Charlton, Patch Kain Gunasekera, Scarlett Hayes, Thomas Tregonning-Barwell