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Monologue Playground

WAYTCo's high-level masterclass designed to elevate the scripted monologue work of ATAR Drama students preparing for practical examination.

“I like the dramatic monologue for its compelling intimacy. To be inside one’s character, to register…every vagrant thought, emotion, and response – the first-person viewpoint grants this privilege and immediacy.”

– Norman Lock

What is Monologue Playground?

An exploration of voice and movement, character work, and the impact of form and style on performance – all geared towards extending ATAR Drama students preparing for practical examination.

  • 8 hours contact time (2 x 4 hour sessions or 4 x 2 hour sessions)
  • Suits groups of 8 to 15 students (up to 25 students maximum).
  • Aligned with current ATAR Drama course Aims and Assessment Criteria for Units 3 and 4


  • Vocal exercises to access different areas of voice – accent placement, articulation, emphasis, inflection, pace, pause, pitch, projection, tone and silence, including breath work. Practitioners: Linklater, Barbara Houseman.
  • Selection of physical activities to free body and allow for manipulation of energy, facial expressions, gait, gesture, pace, posture, proxemics, stillness and weight. Practitioners: Lecoq (Elements, Levels of Tension), Laban, Frantic Assembly.
  • Character work – short form improvisation, use of external stimuli, and development of ticks and gesture to refine detailed traits and/or journey.
  • Group work – improvisation and devising-based activities for developing the practical application of drama language and contextual knowledge in performance, with a specific focus on how form and style intersect with the actor’s vocal, physical and character choices.
  • Guided solo rehearsal of chosen monologue and to integrate the work detailed above into performance.
  • Simulation of practical examination with opportunity for peer and tutor constructive feedback and analysis for further development.

Learning Intentions

  • To develop a greater understanding of how to apply the Elements of Drama in rehearsal and performance to demonstrate a clear interpretation of themes/issues, and communicate a directors vision.
  • To hone in on the purpose, intended audience and context of scripted monologue/s and how Drama Conventions intersect with the actor’s choices in practical performance.
  • To practice self and peer analysis and evaluation of drama in performance consistently, utilising drama language and contextual knowledge to provide constructively critical feedback.
  • To build the confidence to thrive in a high-pressure practical examination scenario.

Masterclass Tutor

The program is delivered by Asha Cornelia Cluer, WAYTCo’s Program Coordinator and a professional actor who trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. With over a decade of experience working in theatre on London’s West End and more, Asha has professional, practical experience utilising practitioners such as Laban, Lecoq, Growtowski and Frantic Assembly. She has a thorough understanding of how to apply the Elements of Drama and Drama Conventions in practice, and real-world knowledge regarding applied techniques for managing the pressures of practical examination in order to perform to the best of one’s abilities.


As standard, this program costs $2,200 AUD + GST.

How do I book?

If you are a drama teacher or HOLA looking to extend your ATAR Drama students and prepare them for practical examination, this is for you! Express your interest via the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the needs of your students and available dates for this masterclass. Or feel free to contact if you have any further queries.

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