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Which is to say: Become a Member!

Professional artists and trainees, side-by-side

Here’s how it works: We pay professional artists to provide young trainees of the company with opportunities to develop and practise their theatre skills. These training opportunities are designed to finish with a performance, i.e. the training-with-performance-outcome (TPO) approach. For productions, we draw on trainees as assistant directors, writers, cast members and technical assistants, effectively harnessing our membership into a volunteer workforce.

It’s a win-win-win: trainees learn, the team expands from three to many, and the company achieves maximal social impact!

There are more traditional volunteering opportunities with the company, including for people who may fall outside our youth-focused age range. We are, however, quite selective about engaging volunteers other than members, as we have stringent protocols to abide to protect our young people.

WAYTCo welcomes enquiries about student placement, work experience and volunteering opportunities. To enquire, email Leah on