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“Hersch’s art is powerful, visceral and profoundly imaginative” – The Theatre Times

Part of Perth Festival 2022 and presented in collaboration with PICA: An intimate cross-generational look at the body, age & change by acclaimed Australian theatre-maker Samara Hersch.

Body of Knowledge is a surprising and tender exploration of how we pay attention (or not) to our own & others’ bodies. Teenagers in their bedrooms around Perth call into the theatre by phone to ask questions of gathered adult audience members, questions of (dis)embodiment, pleasure, intimacy, shame & sexuality. The relationship between teacher and student, adult and child, performer and audience, begins to shift and laments on grief, consent, ageing and death entangle.

Join the conversation between different generations and allow your assumptions about the body to be tested!

Please note: This event has been postponed. See here for further information from Perth Festival.