WILL | Performance Skills Workshop

August 10 - October 23


WAYTCo is running a series of workshops that will lead directly into casting, development and rehearsals of a new short play WILL* directed by James Berlyn and collaborating workshop participants. WILL will be presented as part of a triple bill of works entitled BODY RIGHTS at FRINGE WORLD 2020.

This ten-week workshop program focuses on making and performing skills for young men and male identifying youth, 12-18 years old.

Each week the workshops will focus on a performing and devising skill, building throughout the course so that each participant can acquire and practice new skills in meaningful ways as young emerging artists. Key skills include voice, movement, improvisation, writing a monologue, and scene work both scripted and improvised.

WHERE:                     WAYTCo Studio, King Street Arts Centre, 357 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000
WHEN:                        Saturdays 1pm-3pm, August 10 to October 23
WHO:                          WAYTCo Executive Producer James Berlyn & Medea Workshop Assistant Amelia Burke
PRICE:                        Members: $150 
                                    Standard: $180

About the Story

WILL explores one timely question, “Who owns my body if I am not yet 18?” It explores this question through the story of a boy called Will, an awkward kid from nowhere special in WA. He doesn’t have many friends. In fact, he’s not even called by his first name, everybody knows him by and calls him Screacher. He likes to sing, and he likes to put his singing videos on YouTube. Turns out other people like it too, his voice. It’s very high. He doesn’t yet know it, but he has a unique boy-soprano voice. But he finds out. As do his friends, and eventually everyone else. And suddenly Will is a major talent. Out of nowhere he gets a huge Instagram following and offers to study with the best teachers at the best schools and sing with famous choirs. His folks even get given a new car. It’s all going great…  But he discovers that he has to grow up at some point in the near future and that means his body will change. And this voice, and he discovers that there is no guarantee his soon-to-be adult voice will be anywhere near as good as this one… So just as Will is getting used to this amazing version of himself, this new Will, that everybody seems to love, he’s going to have to say goodbye to it… And then what? He’ll go back to being Screacher, but as an adult? No freaking way! He likes what he has got going on now and he’s determined to keep it. He just has too much to lose.

Told in third person the actors will lip synch actual boy soprano repertoire and also the classical/rock anthem that first makes Screacher famous. Additionally, the young characters in the play will communicate with each other by text which the audience will get to see. It presents a great suite of performing skills to be called upon in performance, built in rehearsal and developed first in these workshops.

*Important note

WAYTCo primarily makes work with and for young emerging performer/ artists aged 13-26 for an adult audience. If you are interested in these workshops and the eventual production. If you are nder 18 you will need written consent from a parent or guardian after they have been notified of the subject material of the work. We take our members’ safety and growth very seriously at WAYTCo and we understand that they all come to work here at different stages of development and skill levels. We look to our members’ parents and guardians to be the best arbiters of what program or events we run here will be the most appropriate for their children.

If you are interested please email James at executiveproducer@waytco.com