24 Hour Play Generator


WAYTCo’s 24Hour Play Generator Project is back!


November 25th & 26th at the Studio of the State Theatre Centre of WA.


We are looking for writers, directors and actors to create an evening of short works around the theme of, Post Truth Worlds: (Fake news, real life & A.I.)


WAYTCo will present again the quickest way to get a short play on-stage in this town. In twenty-four hours we will write, cast, rehearse and stage six 10-minute plays…

  • We are looking for 6 diverse & talented playwrights (emerging or established).
  • We are looking for 6 diverse & visionary directors (emerging or established).
  • We are looking for a large cast of diverse actors (emerging or established).


  • Valid WAYTCo Membership
  • Aged 13+


Writers and Directors please apply directly to Executive Producer James Berlyn: executiveproducer@waytco.com


Actors to apply please register your interest below and you will be sent a registration form

Register now!