Youth Advisory Panel

Each year we will invite new participants to nominate themselves or others for our Youth Advisory Panel. 

The panel will be made up of at least six young existing members of the WA Youth Theatre Company who feel they can contribute to discussions regarding the direction of our productions and classes from a youth perspective. A number of these members will be invited to sit in with out Board to learn how the management of a company is handled from an Executive level and will be given the chance to not only contribute their perspective on the matters tabled for debate and to understand the reasoning behind the decisions that will come to define our company but also to vote via a nominate Youth Advisory Panel representative who will be instated as a full board member each year.

We hope that this opportunity will help us as a company to stay in touch directly with the concerns and hopes of our young membership and offer a transparency to our proceedure that may inspire young artist to begin their own businesses and the production of new independent theatre free of the fears associated with the business end of arts work.

Panelists will be expected to:

  • Act as ambassadors for WA Youth
  • Offer suggestion and feedback to the WA Youth Theatre Company
  • Help to promote the WA Youth Theatre Company current shows and opportunities.
  • Positively build a community of young artists working together and a welcoming culture of honest support within the theatre community.

We are looking for leaders and young artist who are excited to build something new with us. We are your theatre company, the theatre company for young minds keen to make a noise - so jump on in!

Please email though your expressions of interest and a short description of why you would like to be involved to