Vision, Mission & Artistic Goals



Our members are a diverse and inclusive group of emerging artists state-wide who through their participation with WAYTCo become powerfully connected to best practice professional theatre and contemporary performance.



To engage young Western Australians from all backgrounds so they can take advantage of theatre pathways created by the Company to share their stories, expand their skills, grow their confidence and demonstrate emerging artistic mastery through the performance and practice of theatre.



  • Professional: By engaging with leading theatre and performance professionals, members will: demonstrate commitment, growth, develop skills and confidence, collaborative know-how that gives expression to their own ideas, experiences and aspirations for their futures.
  • Sustainable: The Company will develop a series of programs which identify and tap new avenues of income generation, partnerships and philanthropic support.
  • Collaborative: To underpin the professional and financial sustainability priorities, the company will pursue strong collaborative partnerships with creative, business, government and community networks.
  • Committed:  the company is determined to create an environment that produces supporters of lifelong learning and artistic development.  We are committed to fostering resilient, self-aware individuals in an inclusive respectful environment who are ready for the rigorous of professional practice and/or tertiary training.